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Worst Reading Slump of my Life. SEND HELP!

Hey there bookworms!

As the title of this post suggests I am having a really hard time getting out of this reading slump (and blogging slump, as I am sure you would have noticed if you follow me..) and I am really over it and want to get back into reading SO BADLY.
What I think I am trying to say is that I need some help/advice. What do you guys do when you are in reading slumps? I am back at Uni now and that takes up so much of my time, as well as working heaps to at for my upcoming wedding in December, I think reading just got put on the back bench a little bit, and I am ready for it to be front and center once again!

If any of you beautiful people have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 I am still semi-active on my Instagram which I guess is a good thing, but no where near as active as I used to be, or as I want to be. 

One major thing that got me into writing this post is the fact that I went on my Goodreads account this morning (another thing I haven’t looked at in WAY TOO LONG) and I saw that in my Goodreads’ reading challenge I am SEVEN, yep seven books behind my schedule to reach my goal! I have been at least two to three books ahead of schedule all year until this silly slump, I think that has pretty much solidified the fact that I need to snap out of it!

Well thanks for listening to my rant!
Any advice you have for me would be very much appreciated!

Kim x

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TBR For The Biannual Bibliothon Read-a-Thon

Hey beautiful bookworms!
As some of you may know, the Biannual Bibliothon is coming up on Saturday the 23rd of July (only two more sleeps!) so I have just finished getting my TBR pile together. I am very hopeful that I will get through this list, however, it is quite large and I only have a I will see how I go! Here is my TBR and the challenges that they cover:

Group Book

flame in the mist The first book in the read-a-thon is the group book which is the book that everyone taking part in the read-a-thon is going to read. Which is Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh. I am pretty excited about this one because before looking into the read-a-thon, I hadn’t heard of this book, so I am excited to read a book that is completely new to me! I think it is the first book in a series, so who knows, I might end up getting the next ones too!

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Host’s Favourite Genre

nevernightFor this challenge, I have chosen to read a book from Brittney’s favourite genre which is high fantasy. For this challenge I decided to read Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. This one has been on my TBR for ages so this gives me a good excuse to finally read it!

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Banned Book

perks of being a wallflowerFor this challenge I have chosen to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This one is an old one, and I am yet to read it. I know that I am a bit behind in the times, but I am going to pick it up during the read-a-thon.

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Throwback Challenge

let it snow For the “Throwback Challenge” I chose the challenge: “Read a book that is winter themed.” I thought this would be a good one as it is currently winter here in Australia, even though this read-a-thon is all happening in America and is called the Summer Biannual Bibliothon. Therefore I am going to read Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle. It has been on my shelf for ages, so I thought it was a good time to pick it up!

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Book to Movie Adaptation

jasper jonesFor this challenge, I chose Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. I won the DVD copy of this through Allen & Unwin on Twitter, so I thought that it was a sign that I should read this one for the challenge. In order to complete this challenge, I also have to watch the movie..challenge accepted!

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Book Seen Somewhere Other Than Booktube

holding up the universeI chose Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven for this challenge, as I have seen it all over bookstagram and it has been on my TBR for a while. I am looking forward to getting into this one.

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simon vs the homo sapiens agendaI couldn’t take a pretty photo of this one, as it is an ebook on my phone. But for this challenge, I have chosen to read Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertall. This one I have seen everywhere, and when I was watching booktube videos in preparation for this read-a-thon, and I was looking for recommendations for this challenge, Emma from emmabooks talked about this one and how amazing it is, so therefore I thought that I would give it a go! I am looking forward to it!

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So that is my very LARGE TBR for the Biannual Bibliothon! For those of you who are taking part, what books are you going to be reading?? I am actually really excited about this read-a-thon, as it is the first on I will be participating in! I am hoping to get through as least half of these books in the week, but ideally I will read them all! Wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my TBR for the read-a-thon. Tell me what you think of my TBR in the comments below, and leave me a link to your TBRs I would love to see what you are all reading for the Bibliothon!
Until next time! Happy reading

Kim x

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Book Blitz: The Caging At Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will

Hey there Bookworms!
Today’s post is another Book Blitz for The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sadie Will. This book is inspired by true events, and I am SUPER excited to get into it! This blitz is organised by YA Bound Book Tours. I hope you all enjoy it! Here we go..

book coverTitle: The Caging at Deadwater Manor
Author: Sadie Will
Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Genre: YA/NA Psychological Thriller/Suspense
Time is running out for Jeannie, a young girl taken against her will by staff at Deadwater Manor – a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. Inspired by true events, this is a captivating story where Jeannie shares her heart-wrenching experience while getting treatments that will make you cringe.
On a cold, January evening, fourteen-year-old Jeannie Kynde is told that her beloved mother drowned in the murky waters along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Her distraught father turns on Jeannie, no longer the caring father she once knew.

Four years later, Jeannie is finally old enough to escape her father’s clutches, but he has different plans. He imprisons her at Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past.

Will she be locked away forever? Or can she fight against the nightmare that has now become her world?

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Meet the Author

author Hi everyone! I am a thriller/suspense Indie author. I write primarily in the YA/NA genre. My debut, The Caging at Deadwater Manor, was just released on March 31 and was written for mature young adults (16+) and older. This book has been professionally edited and the cover was done by a professional artist. I strive to provide high-quality books that stay with you – so I hope you’ll find it an enjoyable read. The story evolved from experiences my dad had during short periods of his career at psychiatric hospitals. He shared patient routines, treatments, hospital layouts and stories, but the book primarily evolved from a discovery he made in the attic—something that unnerved me enough to bring this book to life. Though the story is fiction, I’ve intertwined much of the information shared by my dad and research I performed while writing this book

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I smile as I think of her, until my concentration is interrupted by footsteps coming down the hallway. I quickly look over to see if it’s my aunt.

It isn’t.

Instead, a male attendant greets me. His name badge identifies him as Drake.

“You’re Jean Kynde?” he inquires.

I nod.

“Follow me, then.”

I follow him down the hallway to the wooden door I saw earlier and enter. This room is much larger than the reception area with pink walls and white accents. To the left is a glass office; a semi-circle nurses’ station. A couple rows of tables with metal chairs are scattered about, and a steel water fountain is stationed at the other side of the room.

Drake pulls out a chair for me and assures me he’ll be right back. As I wait for my aunt, I try to imagine how it would feel to be locked up with a guard on every corner.

I wonder if my aunt feels like a prisoner. Why in the world did she agree to come here?

My attention is soon drawn to a commotion outside the same door I entered. I listen, but all I can hear is some mumbling, perhaps arguing.

Eventually, another man comes through the door. He appears to be older, with gray hair and eyebrows and sagging skin on his neck. As he approaches, I can see the script writing on his lab coat.

Doctor Garrett Wiggins; this is Dad’s friend. Okay, so I’m in the right spot.

“Jeannie, correct?”

“Uh, yes. I’m here to see my aunt. Have you talked to my dad?”

“Yes, he’s been telling me about some issues.”

“Yeah, well, I guess my aunt had a nervous breakdown.”


“Yes, Lesley Odell. You have her chart there, right?”

He looks at me for a few seconds and then looks away, unable to find words. He pauses. I’m not sure what is going on, but I don’t like the uneasiness I’m feeling right now. I’m getting that gut feeling that something is wrong.

Did she die?

He pulls his chair closer to me like a true friend would. In a caring voice, he says softly, “Your aunt is not here.”

I stare at him blankly for a second and then ask, “What? What do you mean? She’s gone already or—or worse?” The reality of the situation starts to take hold as racing thoughts of never seeing her again start scaring me.

He touches my arm for a second and says, “Jeannie, listen to me carefully.” I try to focus more on his mouth, since my difficulty in hearing is worsened by the tall ceiling in the room. “Your aunt was never here.”

The racing thoughts stop. I look at him dead seriously, trying to figure out what the hell he’s telling me.

Is she dead or not?

I look toward the table for a minute, not sure what he’s going to tell me next.

She’s dead? She’s alive? She’s somewhere else? She’s a fucking FBI agent? What’s going on?

“What do you mean? Where is she?” I finally manage.

“I don’t really know. There’s no record of her here. What I want to concentrate on is you, now. How do you feel about this?”

 I frown and mumble, “Confused.”

He nods and says sincerely, “It’s understandable especially with the recent loss of your mom.” At least, I think that’s what he said.

I watch him, trying to figure out why we’re having this conversation. I don’t know how my dad knows this doctor, but his fake sincerity is not calming me. I glance over to the wooden door, and there are now two guards standing in front of them, one of which I recognize as Drake. Another door on the opposite side of the room opens, and two more guards move in.

This definitely doesn’t feel right.

“Hey, they’re just here for your protection,” the doctor says. I lean back in my chair, as he moves forward and whispers, “No worries.” His breath puffs across my hair, leaving me with a gift of strong cigarette stench. I try to lean back more but feel pinned. This guy does not know his boundaries. He starts stroking my arm in what seems like an attempt to comfort me, but it only makes me panic more. I can feel my palms moistening with every word.

“Is it okay if we talk for a while? I’d like to get to know you a little more, Jeannie. I’ve always heard your dad’s side of things, but the opportunity to hear your side is what’s important now. Why don’t we have you go relax in another room, and then you can come into my office a little later?”

I try hard not to show the panic that’s now taking over, hiding what I can of my heaving chest. It feels difficult to breathe with the short, shallow breaths that are now uncontrollable.

I’m going to have a panic attack.

I’m so screwed.

I look over to the guards, begging them not to force me behind the walls that will separate me from the rest of the world. I frantically search for a way to get myself out of what I know is inevitable, but it’s useless with all the guards.

I’m going to become the prisoner. I’m going to become the next rumor throughout the school.

It’s all part of a calculated plot my dad would be proud of. This is his victory—a victory that includes my never leaving Deadwater or having a life, even if he won’t be a part of it. As long as he knows where I am, he’ll be happy. I close my eyes in disgust, concerned about what I’m about to endure. I hate the unknown, but this is way beyond what any eighteen-year-old should have to experience.

“Jeannie, you still with me?” the doctor asks.

I look up at the cohort who is now starting to tug at my forearm.

“I think we need to get you comfortable.”

I frown between the doctor and the guards. They both come forward to “help” me. Gasping for air, I throw my chair backwards to try the only path of escape I can think of, but they’re too fast and catch the chair before I hit the ground.

“No! I am not going anywhere with you! I’m not a minor and my dad can’t institutionalize me without my consent. Let me out of here!”

“Well, Miss Kynde, you just signed all the consents. There’s nothing illegal here.”

What starts as a rational protest spirals out of control quickly. Panic sets in. I’m crying, screaming, and clawing at them. I try to kick their groins, but they predict that move and easily pin my legs to the chair.

I start breathing heavier now. Panic takes over, and I’m quickly losing control.

“Get the syringe!” orders Doctor Wiggins, pointing to the table next to the water fountain.

Drake holds out one of my arms and lunges backward for the syringe with his other arm, knocking the table over.

Oh, God! Get me out of here!

Drake is grasping for the syringe on the floor, so I take the opportunity to bite his forearm, causing him to bleed and withdraw his clutch. This does nothing but make things worse for me, though. Drake leaps toward me, pinning the back of my head against his stomach muscles. My free arm flails back and forth, as I try to reach something to use to hit him.

It’s no use

Frantically, the doctor kicks the syringe toward Drake, and I watch in horror when the needle roughly enters my vein. 


Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Book Blitz!
Thank you for stopping by, and I really hope that you have all found this book interesting! It has been added onto my TBR and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Cover Reveal: Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk

Hi there beautiful bookworms!

Today’s post is a cover reveal for Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk. This reveal has been organised by YA Bound Book Tours! I hope you enjoy it!

About the Book

Title: Demon’s Blood
Author: Lissa Bilyk
Genre: YA Paranormal
Australian teenage demon hunter Tina Storm has been banned from using her lightning vanquish. To earn it back, she has to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using illegal blood magic to control people’s minds. Resident witch hottie Lachlan’s sudden interest in her can’t be coincidence – can it? After all, he’s pretty popular with the other girls in the coven – especially Chelsea, who’s decided Tina is evil for stealing her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tina has to juggle her end of year exams, her demon hunting, and her family as her relationship with Chinese shapeshifting demon Ten deepens. She’s also being hunted by an ancient vampire for the death of the vampire’s offspring. Can Tina solve the blood magic mystery, settle the vampire with a grudge, and soothe her romantic relationships without the help of her powers? How much can one teenage demon hunter handle?

New Book Cover


Meet The Author

authorIndie author of sci-fi and paranormal books, and resolute defender of the Oxford comma, Lissa was born and raised in Australia and has an Honours degree in English Literature. 

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook





Thank you all for stopping by to check out the new cover of Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk. Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for giving me the chance to share this post with you all!
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Book Blitz: I Stop Somewhere by T. E. Carter

Hey everyone!
Today’s post is a Book Blitz for I Stop Somewhere by T. E. Carter. This Blitz is organised by YA Bound Book Tours, so thank you for giving me the opportunity for being part of this! Here we go!

First autumn frost on Stinging Nettle leaves - France  -  -  -Title: I Stop Somewhere
Author: T. E. Carter
Release Date: February 27th, 2018
Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan)
YA Contemporary Fiction
THE LOVELY BONES meets ALL THE RAGE in a searing, heartbreaking contemporary story of a lost teenager, and the town she leaves behind.

Ellie Frias disappeared long before she vanished.
Tormented throughout middle school, Ellie begins her freshman year with a new look: she doesn’t need to be popular; she just needs to blend in with the wallpaper.
But then the unthinkable happens and Ellie is trapped after a brutal assault. She wasn’t the first victim and now she watches it happen again and again. She tries to hold on to her happier memories in order to get past the cold days, waiting for someone to find her.
The problem is, no one searches for a girl they never noticed in the first place. 
TE Carter’s stirring and visceral debut not only discusses and dismantles rape culture but also makes you slow down and think about what it is to be human

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Meet The Author

t.e carter authorTE Carter was born in New England and has lived in New England for pretty much her entire life. Throughout her career, she’s done a lot of things, although her passion has always been writing. When she’s not writing, she can generally be found reading classic literature, obsessing over Game of Thrones (she’s one hundred percent Team Lannister), playing Xbox, organizing her comic collection, or binge watching baking competitions. She continues to live in New England with her husband and their two cats.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


It was three days into school and my locker was stuck. I figured I had the combination wrong and tried again, but it wouldn’t open. The late August day was too warm and sweat was spilling down my new shirt. The school didn’t want to spring for air conditioning, so we finished the day with our clothes stuck to us.

“Having trouble?” He leaned against my locker with all the confidence in the world. I’d seen him a few times. We weren’t in classes together, but he’d smiled at me every day because his math class was across the hall from mine. On the first day, he’d winked at me. On the second day, he’d commented on my shirt. It was self-deprecating – a shirt that mocked my introversion by claiming reading the shirt was enough social interaction for a day. We’d run into each other in the hall between classes and he’d laughed at it. And said I was too cute to be antisocial.

And now he stood at my locker, smiling at me while I tried to get it open.

“My locker’s stuck,” I told him. It was obvious since I was pulling on it, but I told him anyway.

“You’re new here.” A statement, not a question.

“Sort of. I mean, I’ve lived here forever. But here, yeah. I went to St. Elizabeth’s.”

He pushed me to the side. “Cool. I’m Caleb.” Punching the bottom right of the metal door, he simultaneously spun the dial into place. It opened on the first try. “Sometimes you gotta rough ‘em up a bit. They’re tricky like that.”

“Ellie. I mean, you didn’t ask, but I’m Ellie.”

He leaned back against the locker beside mine while I found my books. Three days and I already had a bag full of homework.

“Nice to officially meet you, Ellie. Elusive girl from the hallway.”

“I’m not elusive. That’s where my class is,” I said.

He laughed as if I was the most hilarious person he’d ever met. “Yeah. So, Miss Not Elusive, what’re you doing now?”

He wasn’t exactly attractive. There was something wrong about the way he moved, the way he smiled. Everything about Caleb was off somehow. He was tall, but he walked like he’d woken that morning into his tallness and now he couldn’t figure out how to get his body to work the same way.

There was also the way he smiled. It was cute, but it had this way about it. Like he’d learned about smiling from a textbook. The idea of smiling came through, but it seemed like he just followed the directions rather than actually smiled.

“I… um, nothing really. I have to read.”

We had a test Monday on summer reading, which I’d put off all summer to work on reinvention.

“What’re you reading?” He took my bag from me and rummaged through it. “Great Expectations? They’re still teaching this crap, huh?”

“Aren’t you, like, a junior?”

“Yeah. How’d you guess?”

I hadn’t had to guess. It had been three days, but everyone knew Caleb and his older brother, Noah; you didn’t need friends to know who they were. They walked through the school like the only people who’d ever mattered. It was probably true.


Thank you YA Bound Book Tours for the opportunity to post about this up-and-coming book! It sounds like a really good read, and I cannot wait to read it!
I hope you all enjoyed today’s Blitz of I Start Somewhere by T. E. Carter! Hopefully you are all as excited as me for its release!
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Book Review: Sublime Karma by Peyton Garver

book coverTitle: Sublime Karma
Author: Peyton Garver
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2016
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Goodreads’ Rating: 4.25 / 5 stars
My Rating:

When Brie’s stepfather moves the family for what he calls a new beginning, it’s not the new beginning the beautiful, yet guarded, senior would have hoped for. Brie is instantly targeted by jealous girls at her new school, and the only available seat on her bus is next to the school’s star wide receiver, Jake, who for some reason, finds her offensive. After a humiliating article and picture of Brie is posted in the online school journal, a demon she thought she’d overcome resurfaces, and her life unravels. A newly compassionate Jake has finally taken an interest in her, but can Brie learn to trust her heart, or will she miss out on the best thing that ever happened to her?  Jake has his own secrets and has built his own walls, but eventually his curiosity about the new girl gets the best of him. Unfortunately, now there is competition: the captain of her cross-country team. Jake’s romantic histories with the girl next door and the school’s queen bee, adds tension to a simmering tempest when all he wants is Brie. Is he strong enough to help the one he loves weave sense into her crumbling new reality while overcoming his own tainted past?

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My Review

*I was sent this book by the author and YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

Sublime Karma follows two main characters – Brie and Jake. Jake is a popular guy, he is on the football team, and everyone seems to like him. Brie is the new girl, who has attracted the attention of a number of people – and not all for good reasons.
Jake wants to get to know her but she seems to keep everyone at arms length and doesn’t seem too interested in making friends. Not like that is going to stop him.

We learn that Brie has quite a bit of baggage, I’m not going to go into detail and spoil anything, but she has a number of demons in her world, trying to make her fail. I did enjoy her character in the sense that she seemed real. She had real problems that a number of people her age are probably dealing with. She was able to open up to Jake and get the help that she needed, and he stuck by her.
Jake had his own secrets, but not anything like Brie’s. He dealt with them the best way he knew how – by pretending they weren’t an issue. Eventually he tells Brie his secrets as a way of getting her to trust him, and because of that, he begins to heal also.

Sublime Karma is a great story of young love and how it conquers all. I was hooked on this book from the beginning, I wanted to know what their ‘secrets’ were. I really connected with the characters and the storyline itself. Overall, this was a wonderful book and I would highly recommend it, especially to those who enjoy reading about diverse topics and mental health issues.

Thank you for stopping by to read my review of Sublime Karma by Peyton Garver. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for allowing me to review it.
Until next time, happy reading
Kim x

About The Author

author - peyton

As a child, Peyton called places like Livorno, Italy; Orléans, France; and Augsburg, Germany home. She has since settled in Maryland, where she earned her degree in education at Towson State University, married her sweetheart of two years, and became an instant mother to three spirited young boys before adding another son to the brood. And, with their yellow lab George, it’s no stretch to say she’s outnumbered.
 When not writing, Peyton is a full time teacher. Inspired by the individual spirits, heartaches, and triumphs of her students, Peyton has developed characters who resemble real world teens dealing with real issues: relationships, jealousy, bullying, and depression. Her newest novel, Sublime Karma, is a contemporary story filled with emotion, depth, wit, and suspense. Sublime Karma will be published in the fall of 2016 by Soulmate Publishing.  When asked if she actually involves her students in her stories, Peyton answered that her stories are completely fictional, but then admitted to an activity in which she does involve them. “One quirky, fun thing I like to do with students who have read my book is develop a dream cast for my characters. That all started when a group of girls were arguing over which actor they thought best fit the character Four in Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent. They then turned their efforts to my manuscript. I’ve since added those dream casts to my website.”  When she’s not teaching or writing, Peyton enjoys traveling. The Caribbean Islands have become a favorite vacation getaway for Peyton and her husband. “Nothing is better than sitting on a beach, in front of the crystal clear sea, enveloped in the warmth of the tropical sun with a frosty piña colada and a good book that I just can’t put down.”

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook

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Blog Tour Spotlight: The Watcher by Eli Carros

Hey there everyone!
Today’s post is a spotlight stop on the blog tour for The Watcher by Eli Carros. This book grabbed me from the very beginning when I received the email inviting me to be part of the tour. It looks as though it will be a really enjoyable and interesting read, have a look for yourself!

about the book

the watcher coverTitle: The Watcher
Author: El Carros
Genre: Crime Thriller
Published: June 1, 2017 by Creatspace Independent Publishing
One man must stop a psychopath in his tracks…

Chief Inspector Jack Grayson is hunting a serial killer terrorizing London, a stalker who watches his prey carefully and displays the bodies of his young female victims brazenly. But Grayson has a problem – only one lead and scant evidence – and the body count is rising.
He discovers that an unsolved 18-year-old murder case bears all the hallmarks of the current killings, but he still can’t seem to find a single, obvious suspect, and he is so far unable to outthink a master predator.
Grayson must catch a hunter who knows how to outwit the police – a showman intent on completing his macabre collection. But he’s missing a vital clue, a critical piece of the puzzle.
When he finally discovers the killer’s identity, he’s completely unprepared for the fallout…

Add to Goodreads | Buy from Amazon

about the author

Eli Carros is a crime fiction and thriller author from London, England. His debut novel, The Watcher, was inspired by the London landscape, and by what can happen when sexual obsession, abuse, and madness collide. Eli loves reading crime, fantasy, and mystery suspense, and is an ardent admirer of authors Steven King, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben, and Patricia Cornwell. 
A trained journalist with experience as an assistant court reporter, Eli interned at The Daily Mirror and the BBC before he became a novelist. A strong supporter of causes that promote equality for all, in his spare time he loves sailing, camping, hiking, and sketching, and detests getting up in the morning without several cups of strong percolated coffee.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads


She didn’t know he was about to kill her of course. He stepped soundlessly behind the blonde, between chrome-coated elevator doors, his shoes gliding over polished grey marble. As she turned to the control panel to select her destination with a well-manicured fingernail, he craned his neck forward to inhale her scent. The sweet musky aroma curled around his nostrils pleasantly. It was familiar to him. It reminded him of her. Anya.

She stood waiting as the doors closed with a quiet hiss and the elevator started to descend. He glanced over her, taking in her elegant profile, her smooth alabaster skin, observing the details of her; breasts round and full, encased in a white shirt half a size too small and straining at the buttons, begging to be released. He noted the way her hair piled upon the top of her head, loose tendrils of spun gold escaping and caressing a slim neck. A hair pin edging its way out of the bun, aching to be plucked.

It’s an abomination, unnatural. His mother’s voice in his head again. Would she never shut up?

Fingering the knife in his pocket as the elevator descended, he felt the sharp edge grate the pad of his finger. He clenched his fists, feeling the rage building inside him. How dare this girl taunt him so? The calm of the Brahms sonata being piped through to the elevator’s occupants came in sharp contrast to his raggedly spiking mood. The feeling, rising within him, was irrepressible. The urgency to possess her climbed rapidly, like his blood pressure.

Unaware of his watchfulness, she fumbled around in the depths of her handbag, trying to locate something. The tilt of her lovely face tipped downwards in profile, making him catch his breath. Boldly he stepped forward, pulling the blade out of his pocket and placing one arm around her throat as he came up behind her, restraining her tightly against him. He didn’t hesitate as he drew the blade deftly across the thin skin of her throat, slicing her neck.

The blood spurted violently as the blade bit into her jugular vein, spraying the shiny, mirrored walls. The piped sonata seemed to be slowing down and he felt as if the world had momentarily stopped. Blanched, devoid of colour. The only bright spots – the only things that existed at all – were her and him, and they existed in a lurid blur of light. He held her there, his head bent over her tumble of blonde hair, as she struggled pathetically in his arms, her body weakening with every kick.

He watched as she gasped her last, her mouth opening obscenely, as her fingers scratched at empty air. Drinking her in, he tried to memorise every atom of her, as her body became deadweight in his arms. Finally, in that last second, he felt the serenity that inevitably washed over him each time. A feeling of satisfaction. Of completion. Peace.

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