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Friday Finds

Hi bookworms!
Today’s post is an edition of Friday Finds, a weekly feature in which I will post about books that I have recently discovered and added to my TBR (I may or may not have physically bought/borrowed the books)

This Week’s Finds:

Stillhouse Lake & Killman Creek: I discovered these books by reading a post by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer where she talks about her favourite Audiobooks of the year. These books sound amazing, they are the first two of a series about a woman who is running from her serial-killer ex husband. I have got the first book, Stillhouse Lake on my kindle, ready to go!


Which books have you newly discovered this week?? I would love to hear about them! Leave me a comment in the box below!

I will see you all on Sunday for my weekly wrap up, to see how I have gone with reading this week! Until then , happy reading 🙂

Kim x

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From the Printer: This Week’s New Releases

Hi there bookworms!
Welcome to the first edition of From the Printer for 2018! In this post I am going to tell you about some of the books being released this week (1st – 7th January).

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black: This book is released on the 2nd of January by Little, Brown Books. This book is about faeries, deception and bloodshed.

A State of Freedom by Neel Mukheajee: Released on January 2 by W. W. Norton Company. This is a book about five characters and their need to get more out of life.

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn: Released on January 2nd by William Morrow. This book is about a woman who is too scared to leave her home. She spends her days watching her neighbors out the window, when she witnesses something she isn’t meant to.


Looking at these books that are being released this week, I must say that I am most excited about The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn. It sounds like the sort of thriller that I am really into! Definitely added to my TBR!
Do any of these books sound like your cup of tea? Are there any others being released this week that you are excited about?? I would love to hear about them! Just leave me a comment in the box below 🙂

I will see you all on Friday for my next post, Friday Finds! But, until then, happy reading!


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TBR | January 2018


Hey there bookworms and welcome to the new year!

I hope we all had a wonderful Christmas and you are all pumped to get into 2018 like me! I feel like this is going to be a good year for me, in all aspects. I am on my way to finishing up my University degree and become a Registered Nurse, my partner and I are getting accepted for a partner visa so he can start really calling Australia home.
My new year’s resolution (besides read WAY more books than I did in 2017) is to begin learning sign language. I work with people with all sorts of intellectual and physical disabilities, and learning to sign is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so I’m going to!

Anyway, onto the bookish things for this post! This year I am taking part in a couple of book/reading challenges which are the Library Love Challenge and the Beat the Backlist Challenge. You can read about them by clicking on their names, and it will take you to my sign-up information posts! As well as reading one book for each of those challenges, I also want to listen to at least one audiobook a month, as I am taking part in the Audiobook Challenge and I need to listen to at least 12 audiobooks in the year. I also have some books for review to read, so I am hoping to read AT LEAST 5 books a month! I have a list of extras to pick up if I have a good month!
So without further ado, let’s get into this month’s TBR!

Library Book:

The DressmakerI liked the look of the movie trailer when this first came out, so when I discovered it had been a book first, I needed to add it to my TBR. My local library had it in stock so I snapped it up and will be reading this as soon as the new year begins!

Synopsis: After twenty years spent mastering the art of dressmaking at couture houses in Paris, Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage returns to the small Australian town she was banished from as a child. She plans only to check on her ailing mother and leave. But Tilly decides to stay, and though she is still an outcast, her lush, exquisite dresses prove irresistible to the prim women of Dungatar. Through her fashion business, her friendship with Sergeant Farrat—the town’s only policeman, who harbors an unusual passion for fabrics—and a budding romance with Teddy, the local football star whose family is almost as reviled as hers, she finds a measure of grudging acceptance. But as her dresses begin to arouse competition and envy in town, causing old resentments to surface, it becomes clear that Tilly’s mind is set on a darker design: exacting revenge on those who wronged her, in the most spectacular fashion.

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The Audiobook:

The ChemistI have had this one on my Audible for so long it is time I finally got around to listen to it. I have loved all other books by Stephanie Meyer, so I have high hopes for this one!

Synopsis: She used to work for the U.S. government, but very few people ever knew that. An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn’t even have a name. And when they decided she was a liability, they came for her without warning.

Now she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They’ve killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat. They want her dead, and soon.

When her former handler offers her a way out, she realizes it’s her only chance to erase the giant target on her back. But it means taking one last job for her ex-employers. To her horror, the information she acquires only makes her situation more dangerous.

Resolving to meet the threat head-on, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival. As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down, she must apply her unique talents in ways she never dreamed of.

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Kindle eBooks:

coverThis one I am reading for a review, as part of a blog tour run by Rachel’s Random Resources. It sounds like a decent read, and it is on my kindle ready to go. Review will be posted on the 8th of January!
Synopsis: Busker Dylan spends his days pulling pints in the local pub and singing on the high street, waiting for fame to call. That suits him fine, until beautiful, but frosty, air stewardess, Scarlett, tosses some coins into his hat but ignores his killer smile and his offer of pizza.
He sets out to get the girl, but Scarlett isn’t in the right frame of mind to date anyone, let alone a penniless, if charming, busker boy.
Dylan’s desperate for his big break, but will it bring him the happiness he longs for? And with Scarlett’s past threatening to ruin her future, will Dylan be left to make sweet music all on his own?
Five star Amazon review: ‘Air Guitar and Caviar is a lovely romance, with well-drawn, fully-rounded characters, some rather passionate love scenes, and a lot of humour. I absolutely defy anyone not to fall in love with Dylan within the first page. He is a gorgeous hero in every sense of the word, and his laid-back, open, totally honest personality makes him the ideal partner for the wounded, scared, somewhat withdrawn Scarlett

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three dark crownI received this one for review from Netgalley, and it has been sitting there waiting for the longest time, I am going to get my butt into gear this year and catch up on my netgalley reviews, beginning with this one in the month of January!
Synopsis: When kingdom come, there will be one.

In every generation on the island of Fennbirn, a set of triplets is born—three queens, all equal heirs to the crown and each possessor of a coveted magic. Mirabella is a fierce elemental, able to spark hungry flames or vicious storms at the snap of her fingers. Katharine is a poisoner, one who can ingest the deadliest poisons without so much as a stomachache. Arsinoe, a naturalist, is said to have the ability to bloom the reddest rose and control the fiercest of lions.

But becoming the Queen Crowned isn’t solely a matter of royal birth. Each sister has to fight for it. And it’s not just a game of win or lose…it’s life or death. The night the sisters turn sixteen, the battle begins.

The last queen standing gets the crown.

Beat the Backlist Challenge Book:

fracturedI have decided on this one for my first book on the Beat the Backlist challenge for 2018! If you’re not too sure on what this challenge is all about, you can have a look at my sign-up post here and get al the info!
This book has been on my shelf for way too long, time to get it read!
Tony is worried. His wife, Anna, isn’t coping with their newborn. Anna had wanted a child so badly and, when Jack was born, they were both so happy. They’d come home from the hospital a family. Was it really only six weeks ago?

But Anna hasn’t been herself since. One moment she’s crying, the next she seems almost too positive. It must be normal with a baby, Tony thought; she’s just adjusting. He had been busy at work. It would sort itself out. But now Anna and Jack are missing. And Tony realises that something is really wrong…

What happens to this family will break your heart and leave you breathless.

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So I am setting myself the goal to read at least these five books this month, that will be a good start to my 2018 reading year, as 2017 was really quite dreadful!
What books are you all planning on reading in the month of January?? I would love to hear about them! Are any of yours the same as mine?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Blog Tour Spotlight: Losing Cadence & Finding Sophie by Laura Lovett

Losing Cadence
by Laura Lovett
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
When Cadence Weaverly graduates from high school, she thinks it’s for
the best that she and her boyfriend, Richard White, take separate
paths: she to Julliard and he back to Harvard. Ten years later, she
has an ideal job and a wonderful fiancé, Christian. She is building
the life of her dreams—until the day Richard resurfaces out of the
blue, abducts her from her San Francisco apartment, and returns her
to his mansion where he holds her captive.

Cadence can hardly
believe her ears when Richard professes his undying love and reveals
his plans to build a life together. Terrified to fight back for fear
he will have Christian murdered, Cadence must determine how to reason
with a mentally unstable man who is obsessed with making her his
forever. But even if she manages to escape, will she ever really be
free of the man who hunts her heart?
In this psychological thriller, a young woman must rely on perseverance,
courage, and inner strength to survive after she is kidnapped by her
deranged ex-boyfriend.
Finding Sophie
Sequel to Losing Cadence
Finding Sophie is the highly
anticipated sequel to Laura Lovett’s debut psychological thriller,
Losing Cadence.
For twelve years, Cadence Davidson has
dreaded her daughter’s twelfth birthday, for that is the day she will
tell Sophie who her true father really is.
Sophie’s world is turned upside down
when she learns that her biological father is really Richard White,
the man who abducted her mother twelve years earlier.She wonders if
she will ever meet the elusive billionaire, only to find herself
suddenly abducted into the life that he has carefully crafted for her
and her mother.
Despite his carefully orchestrated
plan, Richard White is faced with unexpected events that threaten to
tear his newfound family apart. Will Richard be able to find peace
and hold on to the family he has fought for a lifetime to bring
In this psychological thriller, an
obsession that spans decades comes to it’s ultimate test. Love, loss
and courage coalesce as Richard faces his demons and makes the final
choice to find peace and love.
Laura (Hambley) Lovett was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta,
and received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Calgary in
2006. Her love of writing began at an early age when she would create
and draw characters, telling stories to herself as she drew.
An accomplished author in the academic and business world, Laura
pursued her love of creative writing to pen her first novel, Losing
Cadence, a psychological thriller. Losing Cadence was written over
many years as Laura juggled school, work and family, but she made
time to pursue her passion for writing.
Laura is a psychologist and entrepreneur, currently running
practices in the areas of career and leadership development and
distributed workplaces. She was nominated and selected as a
Distinctive Woman in Canada in 2013. Laura also enjoys teaching at
the University of Calgary and has been an Adjunct Professor of
Psychology since 2010.
Laura lives in Calgary with her husband and three children. She
loves playing squash, travelling, spending time at the family cabin
in Montana, as well as her view of the Rocky Mountains as the snow is
falling on her hot tub.
Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!

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Audiobook Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

The Book:

the-couple-next-doorTitle: The Couple Next Door
Author: Shari Lapena
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Fiction
Format: Audible Audiobook
Narrated By: Kirsten Potter
Length: 8 hours, 40 minutes
Goodreads’ Rating: 3.74 / 5 stars
Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it all—a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and their beautiful baby, Cora. But one night when they are at a dinner party next door, a terrible crime is committed. Suspicion immediately focuses on the parents. But the truth is a much more complicated story.

Inside the curtained house, an unsettling account of what actually happened unfolds. Detective Rasbach knows that the panicked couple is hiding something. Both Anne and Marco  soon discover that the other is keeping secrets, secrets they’ve kept for years. 

What follows is the nerve-racking unraveling of a family—a chilling tale of  deception, duplicity, and unfaithfulness that will keep you breathless until the final shocking twist.

My Rating: ♥♥♥

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My Review:

I had been anticipating this book for the longest time. I found it on Audible and I bought it with one of my monthly credits, and it has been sitting there for a while. I finally got around to listening to it..
I wish I could give it a higher rating than just three out of five but I wasn’t hooked on it. The story itself wasn’t too bad, however I found myself figuring things out quickly before they were revealed in the book, especially the “shocking twist” at the end..
The narrator of this story just didn’t do it for me unfortunately. She made the characters (especially the main, female character) sound a little pathetic and I just wasn’t connecting with either the characters or the narrator.
I know that I have managed to talk about all the negative things, but there were some good things also. The characters were dynamic and multi-dimensional and there was a good portrayal of mental illness – namely post natal depression.
I enjoyed how the author spoke from both main characters, we got an overall telling of the events, rather that just from one person’s angle.
The writing style was enjoyable, the story flowed nicely, I didn’t feel as though she went over things for too long.
I am interested to hear from anyone who has read/listened to this book and has a different opinion to me? Maybe the narration just ruined it a little, but it just did not click with me, which I am disappointed about, as I was looking forward to this one a lot!

Thanks for stopping by to read my review of The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena on audio.
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Review: Fire’s Kiss by Brittany Pate

Hey everyone!
Today’s post is a book review for Fire’s Kiss by Brittany Pate. This one was sent to me by the Publisher – Fiery Seas Publishing

About the Book:

fires kiss coverTitle: Fire’s Kiss
Author: Brittany Pate
Genre: Paranormal Romance Fiction
Release Date: November 21 2017
Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 4.57 / 5 stars
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥ / ♥♥♥♥♥
Synopsis: Embyr tends her tavern while keeping her dangerous parentage a secret, until she’s attacked by a hellhound and saved by one of the most feared men in history.

For the last eight hundred years, Ryder McLennon, the infamous leader of Death’s Horsemen, has used his army to hunt the vampire who killed his wife. He’s earned a reputation as a murderous madman. But in Embyr, he discovers something that could turn the tide of battle in his favor. Her control over fire can reduce an enemy to ash and her flippant disregard of him heats his blood in ways no one else ever has. She’s beautiful, powerful and completely different from her violence-loving brethren.

Embyr finds herself thrust into a war she wants no part of, targeted by a vicious vampire because of her cooperation with Ryder. As she learns to wield her demonic powers without letting the madness of her race overcome her, she also has to fight her attraction to a killer bent on her seduction.

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My Review..

As previously mentioned, I received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinions in any way.

This was the first book that I have read by Brittany Pate, and I must say that I am not disappointed.
In Fire’s Kiss we follow Embyr, who is half fire-demon, half human. She has worked so hard to keep her powers locked away to protect herself from others. One night the leader of Death’s Horseman comes into her tavern and her world changes forever.
This book had love, lust, blood, sword-fighting, vampires and loads more. It was all packed into this relatively short book (271 pages).
One thing that I will say is that there is quite a lot of sex in this book, it is not for the light-hearted. The scenes are vivid and don’t leave anything to the imagination. This is probably the only aspect of the book that I wasn’t totally in love with.
Having said that, the characters of Embyr and Ryder were very well written, you couldn’t help but swoon over Ryder – a strong, handsome, protective warrior – and want to be Embyr – the object of his affection. They were two amazing characters, and I was hooked on their story and needed to find out how things went for them.
The plot itself was enjoyable, it didn’t drag along too much and it ended in a way that I was expecting – but this is a good thing!
All-in-all I really enjoyed this book, it has been a while since I have read a fantasy-type novel, and this was a good choice to get me back into the genre. Overall I gave this book a 4 out of possible 5 stars.

Thank you to Fiery Seas Publishing and Brittany Pate for sending me a copy of this book and allowing me to review it for you! I do recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance, and enjoys the fantasy/paranormal genre.

About the Author:

brittanyBrittany Pate lives in Texas with her husband and son. She is a longtime lover of all things fantasy and romance. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys narrating audio books and drinking entirely too much coffee.

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Library Love Challenge | 2018 Sign Up

Hey there bookworms!
Today’s post is a sign up for the Library Love Challenge which is hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures & Brooke Blogs
This challenge encourages us to borrow books (in any format) from the library instead of buying them all, saving us money 🙂 

Challenge Details:

Runs: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. You can join any time.

  • Put a sign up post on your blog or (dedicate a Goodreads shelf or LibraryThing) and link it below. Make sure it’s public.
  • The goal is to read at least twelve (12) books from the library, but you can read more. While twelve is the minimum, there is no maximum limit. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you.
  • Any format will work for this challenge (prints, ebooks, or audios); as long as you checked it out from the library, it counts.
  • Books can be any genre (fiction, nonfiction, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, etc.).
  • Crossovers from other reading challenges are allowed, including re-reads. The goal is to support your local library and save money.
  • Write a review to enter the giveaway – 2 sentences or an essay, whatever works for you, but there is a minimum of 2 sentences. Not sure what to write? How about something like, “The plot was a delight, but the characters didn’t capture me.” “I enjoyed the story and really liked the characters.”
  • As an added bonus: We are offering up a GIVEAWAY with this Challenge. Winner will be picked at the end of the year!! The entries are the direct links to your book reviews and you will have until Jan. 3rd, 2019 to enter your reviews in the linky and then the Rafflecopter


  • Dewey Decimal: Read 12 books
  • Thrifty Reader: Read 24 books
  • Overdrive Junkie: Read 36 books
  • Library Addict: Read 48 books
  • Library Card on Fire: Read 60+ books


I LOVE the library, and I attempted this challenge this year, however, I failed miserably. Next year I am going to give it another shot and hopefully reach at least the Dewey Decimal level of 12 library books.
Are you taking part in this challenge too?? I would love to hear all about in in the comments box!

Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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