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Blog Tour: A Pain Less Ordinary by L. V. Pires + Excerpt

Hey there bookworms!
Today I have another promotion of a new book called, A Pain Less Ordinary by L. V. Pires. This tour is being organised by YA Bound Book Tours, and you can find more information about her at the bottom of this post! 


About the Book:

coverTitle: A Pain Less Ordinary
Author: L. V. Pires
Release Date: September, 2017
Genre: YA
Synopsis: Becca’s life is anything but ordinary.

At fifteen, she’s already experienced her share of pain. With a mom who drinks too much, a revolving door of father figures, and struggles at school, Becca wonders if she’ll ever have a chance at a normal life. The only thing that keeps her sane is her little sister, Chloe; that is, until her mother’s breakdown leads to her sister’s disappearance.

A PAIN LESS ORDINARY follows Becca as she figures out life on her own while searching for her family and her new role in the world.

In this powerfully moving novel, L.V. Pires explores Becca’s struggle with abandonment, drug abuse, homelessness, relationships, and how pain connects her to others.

Goodreads || Amazon

Meet the Author:

author.jpgL.V. Pires is the author of several stories for young readers including EXTENSION, THE PORTRAIT, and SUMMER OF WINGED CREATURES.

She is a recipient of the Eileen Spinelli Award, a finalist in the Saturday’s Child Press Fiction Contest, and a graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

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It takes us a good ten minutes to back out of the driveway. Mom yells at me a few times to hurry up. My pulse speeds up. A throbbing pain pluses at my temple. There’s a kid in the street. How am I supposed to not hit him? I scream out and slam on the breaks.
Mom taps at the window, ignoring I just nearly killed someone. She drinks the clear liquid from her water bottle. I bite back tears.

I go about a half a mile from the house, speeding to a cool fifteen miles an hour, so we’re in a smooth glide, but keep my foot hovering over the brake sure we’re going to collide with a tree, fender, or small child any moment. Finally, the light turns yellow and I slam my foot down on the brake bringing the tires to a screech.

“Cut it out,” Mom says.

Right as I’m about to get the courage to tell her I don’t know what I’m doing, she moans as if I just ran over her foot.
I follow her gaze straight and suck in a breath. Arthur pushes the stroller ahead of us in the pedestrian lane. I can’t believe it. He’s got the phoniest smile on his face. He looks over, directly into our car. His plastic expression cracks. Mom’s face turns red. Her eyes fix on Chloe.
“Mom?” I try to redirect her. The light turns green.
Mom’s eyes are filling with rage. She watches him scurry to the sidewalk.
The car behind us honks.
“We have to go,” I say, gently, releasing the brake.
“Don’t move,” she says, cold and serious.
I slam down on the brake again.
She unbuckles her seatbelt and flings open the car door.
“Mom!” I yell, but it’s too late. 

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Blog Tour: Three Heart Echo by Keary Taylor + Giveaway!

Hey there bookworms!
Today’s post is another blog tour stop, this time for a brand new book called, Three Heart Echo by Keary Taylor!

About the Book

coverTitle: Three Heart Echo
Author: Keary Taylor
Release Date: September 12th, 2017
Genre: Adult; Paranormal; Suspense
Synopsis: The demented thing is that this evolved from the most sickly sweet, heart-wrenching love story you’ve ever heard. I went to Sully because I just couldn’t get over Jack’s murder. I couldn’t deal.
Iona came to me for the same reason most did: because there was no closure. A love cut too short. She begged me to open the gate between the living and the dead.

We should have left it shut.

This. This is not a love story. This is a possession story. A story of lies. A story of two faces. This is a story of death and violent echoes from the other side.

And there will be no happy endings.

Goodreads || Amazon

Meet the Author:

author.jpgKeary Taylor is the USA TODAY bestselling author of over twenty novels. She grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love. She now splits her time between a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and Utah, with her husband and their two children. She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


As part of this tour, we are giving you the chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, just click here! Good luck to everyone who enters 🙂

Thank you for stopping by to check out the tour stop for this brand new book! It sounds really good, as is definitely being added to my TBR! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!
I hope you are all having a fantastic day, and until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Blog Tour: Times Square by Jana Aston + Giveaway!

Hey there!
Today’s post is a stop on the tour for Times Square by Jana Aston! This tour has been organised by Xpresso Book Tours, you can get to their website in the link at the end of this post if you would like to see what other great tours they have going on at the moment! 

About the Book

book coverTitle: Times Square
Author: Jana Aston
Publication Date: September 18, 2017
Genres: YA; Romance; Contemporary
Synopsis: Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

I saw that quote about fairy tales embroidered on a decorative pillow at a home decorating store. Honestly, it pissed me off. Retail propaganda aimed to promote sales when any single girl in the city could tell them they’d sell more if they’d offer Keep Your Pants On, Asshole instead.

But it’s fine. I don’t have room for decorative pillows anyway.
And I don’t have time for distractions.

Which is why I’m ignoring the distraction staring at me right now. The one who looks like he belongs on a billboard campaign. The one with the full lips and the cocky smile. The one refusing to look away even when I give him my best no way scowl.

The one headed in my direction. Right now.

Goodreads || Amazon || B&N || Kobo

Meet the Author

author Jana Aston likes cats, big coffee cups and books about billionaires who deflower virgins. She wrote her debut novel while fielding customer service calls about electrical bills, and she’s ever grateful for the fictional gynecologist in Wrong that readers embraced so much she was able to make working in her pajamas a reality. Jana is the author of 4 books, and all of them have appeared on either the NYT or USA Today bestsellers list, some multiple times. She likes multiples.

Website || Twitter || Facebook || Goodreads


As part of this tour, you have the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Simply follow this link to enter!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this new book! I cannot wait to read it! Thanks for stopping by to check out today’s post, and until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway – His High Stakes Bride by Martha Hix

about the bookCoverTitle: His High Stakes Bride
Author: Martha Hix
Series: Texan Brides book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: 29th August, 2017
Synopsis: Win, lose—or fall in love…
After losing her mama and all she has, vagabond Patience “Patty” Sweet dreams of reuniting with her father in the New Mexico territory. So she teams up with a no-good gambler whose winnings enable her to get her closer to her destination. Patty hates hanging around saloons and poker parlors, pulling dishonest deeds. But when a game of five-card draw goes wrong in Lubbock, Texas, Patty gets offered up as collateral—to a handsome stranger who’s about to turn the
Lawyer Grant Kincaid has no intention of claiming his prize—a nearly nineteen-year-old petite beauty with sweet eyes—who has a hold on him he can’t deny. But as he tries to help Patty untangle herself from her shady partner, he discovers she’s not as innocent as she seems. For starters, she’s already stolen his hardened heart.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Kobo

about the authorauthor.jpg Martha Hix grew up in Texas and didn’t mind listening to stories about how her ancestors had been in the place for a long, long time. Well, in Texas that just meant more than a hundred years. This weird kid soaked up the stories and became an ardent student of family and general
history, which came in handy when she took to writing both fiction and non-fiction. Eventually, her romance novels were translated into many foreign languages, some of them very foreign, like Japanese, Greek, and Turkish. On the home front, she lives in the fabulous Texas Hill Country with her husband and their spoiled four-legged kids

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon 

excerpt.pngLubbock, Texas, 1910 Under a full moon
It is a sad day in a woman’s life when she comes to grips with weakness of character. Today might have been that way for Patience Eileen Sweet, but she couldn’t dwell on something like that. Not this day, which had turned into a warm autumn night in 1910. Not when she intended to escape the mess of her own making. Her papa would have told her, “Patty Cake, proceed with caution.” He always claimed full moons bring babies, lunatics, and any number of disasters, particularly mine cave-ins.
Tonight would bring change; that she knew beforehand. This night unfolded for Patty in a saloon. By the midnight hour the floozies had served their last drinks and were nowhere to be seen, most of the customers having cleared out. The bartender did nothing to cover his yawns. Cigar smoke still curled toward the tin ceiling. Gaming chips still pinged. Three gamblers refused to give in or give up.
Still and all, it would be over soon.
Looking up from her mending, she meant to steal a glance at her “stepbrother,” but she locked gazes with one of the gamblers instead, and not for the first time this evening. The three were close enough that she could get a good look—he was the handsomest man she’d ever seen. As he had the other times, he nodded once. There was a puzzled, curious look to his fine features, certainly not the nasty-old-pervert leer that Dorinda had warned her to look out for.
She did like this man’s black-haired, blue-eyed looks. He wore the garb of  a West  Texan—a yoked shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons  and denim britches that hugged him just right. His boots were the same kind that cowboys wore, only this ’poke’s weren’t scuffed or worn out. His clothes looked too clean, his hair and chin too smooth for a man of the land. He looked rich.
Patty moved her line of sight to her partner-in-crime, Chet Merkel. It was his turn to deal, and she could tell he was losing at five-card stud. They couldn’t afford for him to lose, not even for one evening, yet she prayed for his bad luck.
She knew what his next move would be. He’d barter her virginity. For the third time.
Twice before to two different men in two different towns.
Tonight it was Scarlet Garter Jenny’s Saloon. The “winner” would  be a short, dark sheriff wearing a big, thick wedding ring. Or else the winner might be that curious fellow—the smooth-shaven pretty boy that the drunkards, gamblers, and preening waitresses called “counselor” and “mouthpiece,” with “Grant” or “Kincaid” thrown in from time to time. Well, the painted ladies usually said “Sugar.”
Neither of these men looked as gullible as the previous winners of her so-called prize.
Anyway, Patty knew how to get out of being the night’s reward. Did she even want to? Just looking at Grant Kincaid had her in a tizzy. One way or another, things would be different tonight. She was cutting all ties to her double-dealing snake of a “stepbrother,” Chet Merkel.
Definitely, she wouldn’t be rendezvousing with Chet later. 

giveawayClick here to follow the tour and enter the giveaway!

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Blog Tour: Just Kylie by Monique Gooch

Hey there bookworms! Today’s post is a blog tour to promote a new book called Just Kylie by Monique Gooch!

about the book

book cover

Title: Just Kylie
Author: Monique Gooch
Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: Kylie Bransford was all girl. She loved her long black hair that touched her lower back, and refused to cut it no matter how much her mother pleaded. She wore pink sneakers on the field when she cheered, her room was surrounded by mermaids, and her walls were decorated in pink and purple shades. She was “all” girl. Kylie loved to be on the go and in the know. The only thing that made not only her world, but her heart stop was Myles Russin. Myles was one of the cutest boys in the 8th grade. The night she invited him over to watch television was the night she knew for sure she’d receive her first kiss. Her tongue trailed the braces that shielded her teeth as Myles leaned forward with his eyes closed. With much disdain she pushed him away. Kylie had to come clean and reveal her secret. Kylie Bransford was biologically born a boy, but lived as a girl. She just hoped Myles could see past her situation and like her for who she was and not what was in between her legs

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about the author.png


My name is Monique Gooch, and I make stuff up for a living. Let’s just get “write” into it, shall we? You’re either here, because you’ve read some of my work, heard about me somehow, or you’re a friend/family member OR… you’re in my writer’s group, and wanna know more about me. Regardless how you found me… ya’ found me and I say…WELCOME!
I am the author of new adult and adult commercial and contemporary fiction. I also dabble here and there in writing erotica. To put it simply, I write books that I would want to read.
I currently have four short stories self-published online at amazon. I have two manuscripts written, that are being edited, after that I’ll pitch to an agent. And lastly, I am the host for my own writer’s group in Hermitage, TN called, “Mastering Writing Workshop” It is there I, along with other writers, help others critique their work to the best of our abilities. The group has been going strong for nearly two years. You can find us on the!
I have been writing since I was 10-years-old. I even asked Santa Claus for a typewriter, and guess what? I got one! And I’ve been writing ever since! It is here, you’ll be able to be added to my mailing list to keep up with new projects, and to be notified when new books will be released. And if you’re looking for a beta reader, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Website | Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter

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Book Blitz: The Caging At Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will

Hey there Bookworms!
Today’s post is another Book Blitz for The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sadie Will. This book is inspired by true events, and I am SUPER excited to get into it! This blitz is organised by YA Bound Book Tours. I hope you all enjoy it! Here we go..

book coverTitle: The Caging at Deadwater Manor
Author: Sadie Will
Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Genre: YA/NA Psychological Thriller/Suspense
Time is running out for Jeannie, a young girl taken against her will by staff at Deadwater Manor – a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. Inspired by true events, this is a captivating story where Jeannie shares her heart-wrenching experience while getting treatments that will make you cringe.
On a cold, January evening, fourteen-year-old Jeannie Kynde is told that her beloved mother drowned in the murky waters along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Her distraught father turns on Jeannie, no longer the caring father she once knew.

Four years later, Jeannie is finally old enough to escape her father’s clutches, but he has different plans. He imprisons her at Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past.

Will she be locked away forever? Or can she fight against the nightmare that has now become her world?

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Meet the Author

author Hi everyone! I am a thriller/suspense Indie author. I write primarily in the YA/NA genre. My debut, The Caging at Deadwater Manor, was just released on March 31 and was written for mature young adults (16+) and older. This book has been professionally edited and the cover was done by a professional artist. I strive to provide high-quality books that stay with you – so I hope you’ll find it an enjoyable read. The story evolved from experiences my dad had during short periods of his career at psychiatric hospitals. He shared patient routines, treatments, hospital layouts and stories, but the book primarily evolved from a discovery he made in the attic—something that unnerved me enough to bring this book to life. Though the story is fiction, I’ve intertwined much of the information shared by my dad and research I performed while writing this book

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I smile as I think of her, until my concentration is interrupted by footsteps coming down the hallway. I quickly look over to see if it’s my aunt.

It isn’t.

Instead, a male attendant greets me. His name badge identifies him as Drake.

“You’re Jean Kynde?” he inquires.

I nod.

“Follow me, then.”

I follow him down the hallway to the wooden door I saw earlier and enter. This room is much larger than the reception area with pink walls and white accents. To the left is a glass office; a semi-circle nurses’ station. A couple rows of tables with metal chairs are scattered about, and a steel water fountain is stationed at the other side of the room.

Drake pulls out a chair for me and assures me he’ll be right back. As I wait for my aunt, I try to imagine how it would feel to be locked up with a guard on every corner.

I wonder if my aunt feels like a prisoner. Why in the world did she agree to come here?

My attention is soon drawn to a commotion outside the same door I entered. I listen, but all I can hear is some mumbling, perhaps arguing.

Eventually, another man comes through the door. He appears to be older, with gray hair and eyebrows and sagging skin on his neck. As he approaches, I can see the script writing on his lab coat.

Doctor Garrett Wiggins; this is Dad’s friend. Okay, so I’m in the right spot.

“Jeannie, correct?”

“Uh, yes. I’m here to see my aunt. Have you talked to my dad?”

“Yes, he’s been telling me about some issues.”

“Yeah, well, I guess my aunt had a nervous breakdown.”


“Yes, Lesley Odell. You have her chart there, right?”

He looks at me for a few seconds and then looks away, unable to find words. He pauses. I’m not sure what is going on, but I don’t like the uneasiness I’m feeling right now. I’m getting that gut feeling that something is wrong.

Did she die?

He pulls his chair closer to me like a true friend would. In a caring voice, he says softly, “Your aunt is not here.”

I stare at him blankly for a second and then ask, “What? What do you mean? She’s gone already or—or worse?” The reality of the situation starts to take hold as racing thoughts of never seeing her again start scaring me.

He touches my arm for a second and says, “Jeannie, listen to me carefully.” I try to focus more on his mouth, since my difficulty in hearing is worsened by the tall ceiling in the room. “Your aunt was never here.”

The racing thoughts stop. I look at him dead seriously, trying to figure out what the hell he’s telling me.

Is she dead or not?

I look toward the table for a minute, not sure what he’s going to tell me next.

She’s dead? She’s alive? She’s somewhere else? She’s a fucking FBI agent? What’s going on?

“What do you mean? Where is she?” I finally manage.

“I don’t really know. There’s no record of her here. What I want to concentrate on is you, now. How do you feel about this?”

 I frown and mumble, “Confused.”

He nods and says sincerely, “It’s understandable especially with the recent loss of your mom.” At least, I think that’s what he said.

I watch him, trying to figure out why we’re having this conversation. I don’t know how my dad knows this doctor, but his fake sincerity is not calming me. I glance over to the wooden door, and there are now two guards standing in front of them, one of which I recognize as Drake. Another door on the opposite side of the room opens, and two more guards move in.

This definitely doesn’t feel right.

“Hey, they’re just here for your protection,” the doctor says. I lean back in my chair, as he moves forward and whispers, “No worries.” His breath puffs across my hair, leaving me with a gift of strong cigarette stench. I try to lean back more but feel pinned. This guy does not know his boundaries. He starts stroking my arm in what seems like an attempt to comfort me, but it only makes me panic more. I can feel my palms moistening with every word.

“Is it okay if we talk for a while? I’d like to get to know you a little more, Jeannie. I’ve always heard your dad’s side of things, but the opportunity to hear your side is what’s important now. Why don’t we have you go relax in another room, and then you can come into my office a little later?”

I try hard not to show the panic that’s now taking over, hiding what I can of my heaving chest. It feels difficult to breathe with the short, shallow breaths that are now uncontrollable.

I’m going to have a panic attack.

I’m so screwed.

I look over to the guards, begging them not to force me behind the walls that will separate me from the rest of the world. I frantically search for a way to get myself out of what I know is inevitable, but it’s useless with all the guards.

I’m going to become the prisoner. I’m going to become the next rumor throughout the school.

It’s all part of a calculated plot my dad would be proud of. This is his victory—a victory that includes my never leaving Deadwater or having a life, even if he won’t be a part of it. As long as he knows where I am, he’ll be happy. I close my eyes in disgust, concerned about what I’m about to endure. I hate the unknown, but this is way beyond what any eighteen-year-old should have to experience.

“Jeannie, you still with me?” the doctor asks.

I look up at the cohort who is now starting to tug at my forearm.

“I think we need to get you comfortable.”

I frown between the doctor and the guards. They both come forward to “help” me. Gasping for air, I throw my chair backwards to try the only path of escape I can think of, but they’re too fast and catch the chair before I hit the ground.

“No! I am not going anywhere with you! I’m not a minor and my dad can’t institutionalize me without my consent. Let me out of here!”

“Well, Miss Kynde, you just signed all the consents. There’s nothing illegal here.”

What starts as a rational protest spirals out of control quickly. Panic sets in. I’m crying, screaming, and clawing at them. I try to kick their groins, but they predict that move and easily pin my legs to the chair.

I start breathing heavier now. Panic takes over, and I’m quickly losing control.

“Get the syringe!” orders Doctor Wiggins, pointing to the table next to the water fountain.

Drake holds out one of my arms and lunges backward for the syringe with his other arm, knocking the table over.

Oh, God! Get me out of here!

Drake is grasping for the syringe on the floor, so I take the opportunity to bite his forearm, causing him to bleed and withdraw his clutch. This does nothing but make things worse for me, though. Drake leaps toward me, pinning the back of my head against his stomach muscles. My free arm flails back and forth, as I try to reach something to use to hit him.

It’s no use

Frantically, the doctor kicks the syringe toward Drake, and I watch in horror when the needle roughly enters my vein. 


Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Book Blitz!
Thank you for stopping by, and I really hope that you have all found this book interesting! It has been added onto my TBR and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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Cover Reveal: Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk

Hi there beautiful bookworms!

Today’s post is a cover reveal for Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk. This reveal has been organised by YA Bound Book Tours! I hope you enjoy it!

About the Book

Title: Demon’s Blood
Author: Lissa Bilyk
Genre: YA Paranormal
Australian teenage demon hunter Tina Storm has been banned from using her lightning vanquish. To earn it back, she has to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using illegal blood magic to control people’s minds. Resident witch hottie Lachlan’s sudden interest in her can’t be coincidence – can it? After all, he’s pretty popular with the other girls in the coven – especially Chelsea, who’s decided Tina is evil for stealing her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tina has to juggle her end of year exams, her demon hunting, and her family as her relationship with Chinese shapeshifting demon Ten deepens. She’s also being hunted by an ancient vampire for the death of the vampire’s offspring. Can Tina solve the blood magic mystery, settle the vampire with a grudge, and soothe her romantic relationships without the help of her powers? How much can one teenage demon hunter handle?

New Book Cover


Meet The Author

authorIndie author of sci-fi and paranormal books, and resolute defender of the Oxford comma, Lissa was born and raised in Australia and has an Honours degree in English Literature. 

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook





Thank you all for stopping by to check out the new cover of Demon’s Blood by Lissa Bilyk. Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for giving me the chance to share this post with you all!
Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x

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