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Book Review: Missing You by Harlan Coben

missing you

Title: Missing You
Author: Harlan Coben
Published: March 18, 2014
Publisher: Orion Publishing
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible with Credit
Read By: Kerry Shale
Genre: Fiction; Mystery; Crime & Thriller
Goodreads’ Rating: 3.95 / 5 stars
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

It’s a profile, like all the others on the online dating site. But as NYPD Detective Kat Donovan focuses on the accompanying picture, she feels her whole world explode, as emotions she’s ignored for decades come crashing down on her. Staring back at her is her ex-fiance Jeff, the man who shattered her heart 18 years ago, never to be seen or heard from again.

Kat feels a spark, wondering if this might be the moment when past tragedies recede and a new world opens up to her. But when she reaches out to the man in the profile, her reawakened hope quickly darkens into suspicion and then terror as an unspeakable conspiracy comes to light, in which monsters prey upon the most vulnerable.

As the body count mounts and Kat’s hope for a second chance with Jeff grows more and more elusive, she is consumed by an investigation that challenges her feelings about everyone she ever loved – her former fiance, her mother, and even her father, whose cruel murder so long ago has never been fully explained. With lives on the line, including her own, Kat must venture deeper into the darkness than she ever has before, and discover if she has the strength to survive what she finds there.

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Book Review

I have had this book in my Audible Library for a while now, and I thought that I would give it a try. I have only read one other book by Harlan Coben, which was Six Years and I really enjoyed it. (You can read my review here)
In this one we are following Kat Donovan, an NYPD Detective. As she is on an online dating site that her friend set up for her, she comes across the profile of her ex-fiancé Jeff. She decides to contact him, only to get the reply that he wants to leave the past in the past.
She then has a teenager come to her desk claiming that his mother is missing and she needs to investigate because the mother left on a ‘holiday’ with a man she met online, non other than Jeff.
As the investigation continues, Kat questions everything she knows about this man, when more people go missing. There is something not right, she just cannot work it out.
This book had me hooked from beginning to end! I listened to it any chance I had, I just needed to know what was happening.
While Kat is trying to figure out this missing person case, she is also hell bent on figuring out who killed her father 18 years before, the man who confessed just didn’t seem right and she needed answers.
Having essentially two storylines in this book was really interesting, you didn’t just get caught up in the one mystery. I thought that I knew who had done the kidnapping, but I was wrong, but I am glad about that, but the twist at the end of who ended up being the father’s killer? OH. MY. GOD. I just didn’t see it coming at all. The ending felt a little unfinished to me, I would have liked maybe another few paragraphs, but I think that is the only real issue that I had with this book, the rest of it was fantastic! I really enjoy Coben’s writing style and the way he sets out his writing from all different angles and characters, and all of the different characters stories all meet up and make sense.
This is only the second book I have read by Coben, but I already cannot wait to get my hands on another one!

About the Author:


With over 60 million books in print worldwide, Harlan Coben’s last seven consecutive novels, MISSING YOU, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG LOST and HOLD TIGHT all debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and lists around the world. His books are published in 43 languages around the globe.

Coben is the winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award – the first author to win all three – and he has received an eclectic variety of honors from all over the world. His novel TELL NO ONE has been turned into a hit French film of the same name. His essays and columns have appeared in many top publications.

Harlan was born in Newark, New Jersey. He still lives in New Jersey with his wife, Anne Armstrong-Coben MD, a pediatrician, and their four children.

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Thanks for coming by to read my review of Missing You by Harlen Coben. Have any of you read this one, or any of his others? I would love to hear from you in the comments box below!
Until next time, happy reading

Kim x

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