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Down the TBR Hole #2

Welcome back to another edition of Down the TBR Hole! I am super excited about this feature because I now have a real reason to go through my TBR and get rid of those that I am never going to read (and therefore make room for new ones!) Here is how it works:

Down the TBR Hole is a (very) bookish meme, originally created by Lia @ Lost In A Story. She has since combed through all of her TBR (very impressive) and diminished it by quite a bit, but the meme is still open to others! How to participate:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf
  • Order by Ascending Date Added
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books. Of course if you do this weekly, you start where you left off the last time.
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or let it go?

Last week I got rid of three books, therefore I now have 275 on my TBR (not that many right? Here are five more books for this week’s post:

american psycho.jpgPatrick Bateman is twenty-six and he works on Wall Street, he is handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He is also a psychopath. Taking us to head-on collision with America’s greatest dream—and its worst nightmare—American Psycho is bleak, bitter, black comedy about a world we all recognise but do not wish to confront.

The Verdict: This one has been on my list for years, and I am not really sure as to why it ended up on my TBR in the first place. I am thinking that this one needs to go.



the time traveller's wife.jpg The Time Traveler’s Wife is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-three and Henry thirty-one. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life, past and future. His disappearances are spontaneous, his experiences unpredictable, alternately harrowing and amusing.
The Time Traveler’s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare’s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view. Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives, pursuing familiar goals–steady jobs, good friends, children of their own. All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control, making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.

The Verdict: This one I think I actually own, and I have seen the movie (along time ago, I am pretty sure that I enjoyed it..) Therefore this one I am going to keep!


the accidental husbandFrom the author of Another Piece of My Heart comes the gripping story of two women who live on opposite coasts but whose lives are connected in ways they never could have imagined. Both women are wives and mothers to children who are about to leave the nest for school. They’re both in their forties and have husbands who travel more than either of them would like. They are both feeling an emptiness neither had expected. But when a shocking secret is exposed, their lives are blown apart. As dark truths from the past reveal themselves, will these two women be able to learn to forgive, for the sake of their children, if not for themselves?

The Verdict: This book still sounds like it would be a good read, and I haven’t read anything by Jane Green so I think I need to keep this one!


peter panPeter Pan, the book based on J.M. Barrie’s famous play, is filled with unforgettable characters: Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up; the fairy, Tinker Bell; the evil pirate, Captain Hook; and the three children–Wendy, John, and Michael–who fly off with Peter Pan to Neverland, where they meet Indians and pirates and a crocodile that ticks. Renowned children’s-book artist Michael Hague has brought the amazing adventures of Peter Pan to life. His beautiful illustrations capture the wild, seductive power of this classic book. This newly designed edition will be enjoyed by fans young and old alike

The Verdict: This is a classic! I think that it should not be allowed to turf classics from your TBR piles, therefore this one is a keeper.


wuthering heightsLockwood, the new tenant of Thrushcross Grange, situated on the bleak Yorkshire moors, is forced to seek shelter one night at Wuthering Heights, the home of his landlord. There he discovers the history of the tempestuous events that took place years before; of the intense relationship between the gypsy foundling Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw; and how Catherine, forced to choose between passionate, tortured Heathcliff and gentle, well-bred Edgar Linton, surrendered to the expectations of her class. As Heathcliff’s bitterness and vengeance at his betrayal is visited upon the next generation, their innocent heirs must struggle to escape the legacy of the past

The Verdict: Again with the classics! I have wanted to read this for a very log time, so I am going to keep it on the TBR!

Okay, so I didn’t do as well this week, only getting rid of one book from my TBR, but I guess that it is better than no books..right??
How did you all go with the challenge this week? I would really like to hear your feedback in the comment box!
Thank you for popping by to check out another week of Down the TBR Hole! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you take part in this feature, leave a link to your posts, I would love to check them out!

Until next time, happy reading!
Kim x

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