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Hey there bookworms!

I just want to apologise about my very bad lack of blogging over the last few weeks 😦

Long story short, I have been in the process of moving house and in that process my wonderful (cough) fiancé accidentally spilled his glass of red all over my poor laptop! So…I am computer-less for the time being.

My housemate has been kind enough to loan me his for a couple of hours to get some study done (eww haha) so I thought I would come here and give you all a bit of an explanation.

I am working on getting myself a new laptop, however the funds haven’t been too good lately (moving is expensive) so I will endeavour to get myself back up and running in as little time as possible! I just ask that you be a little patient with me in the meantime 🙂 you are all amazing and I love you all!


Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x


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