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#BookReview | Home by Eleni McKnight

Home Front Cover hirez.jpgTitle: Home
Author: Eleni McKnight
Release Date: November 22, 2016
Publisher: WordCrafts Press
YA Distopian
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Goodreads’ Rating: 4.23 / 5 stars
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Goodreads’ Synopsis:
Knowledge is a Dangerous Commodity
HOME – the last bastion of civilization in a corrupt and fallen world. Outside dwell the reanimated dead, cannibals, and scavengers; remnants of a once great race. Inside, the commune is ruled with an iron fist by Deacon, and administered without mercy by the Elders.
Everyone knows their place in HOME. Everyone is safe in HOME…as long as you follow the rules.
Handmaiden Suzannah Commons is content with training to be a wife and mother, the only occupation open to women in HOME. But her world is turned upside-down when she tastes the forbidden knowledge contained in outlawed books.
Suzannah discovers a new way of life is possible, but that knowledge comes at a high price. It could cost her life. Or the life of the boy she loves. 

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Book Review:

I had so many feelings while reading this book!

We follow the main character – Suzannah Commons who is a young girl living in a commune after the end of humanity. They are lead by a man named Deacon and they must all do their part.

The more you read, you realise that this ‘commune’is really just a cult – and the people who live there are completely brainwashed to listen to this man named Deacon.
I spent the majority of the time angry while reading this book. The belief of the commune that women are inferior and they do all the work. They are to live with their parents until they become a certain age, then they move into the Handmaiden House and they do the washing, cleaning, laundry etc. They are sinners by default and must be punished by their husbands (if married) or family members (if too young for marriage). Deacon decides who they marry and most men have two or more wives. If girls ‘age out’ (do not get married before a certain age) or they sin and ‘lose their purity’ they are sent to the hard labour camp and become objects for the men in the militia to enjoy.

As a female, this made me so angry. The way women were treated was disgusting.

The main story line following Suzannah saw her punished because she saw a boy naked accidentally – wrong place at the wrong time – and in order for her to repent her sin and fix her purity which was now damaged, she was to serve the boy as a wife would serve a husband. While doing this she is treated like a human being, an equal party in the ‘husband and wife’ relationship – something that she didn’t know was possible. This family eventually opened her eyes to the lies the leader was bestowing upon the members of the community and she began to fight back – which was bound to be dangerous.

There were a number of other things that went on towards the end, but I won’t discuss them as I don’t want to spoil it for those who want to read this one 🙂
I did enjoy this book, even though I was angry and frustrated at the characters. Suzannah was hard to connect with in the beginning, only because she was so naive (not that it was her fault) but when she was learning that the things she knew weren’t true, she rejected it in the beginning. But eventually her eyes were opened and she started to slowly rebel against the rules, I liked her better. I also felt sympathy for her as the situations that she was put in by the leader and the elders at different times.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, I really wanted to know how it was going to end. When I did get to the end, I would have liked the Epilogue to go a bit further into the future so I know what kind of lives the characters are living, I hate not knowing!

Thank you for reading my review of Home by Eleni McKnight, and thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!

About the Author:

Eleni McKnight is a Murfreesboro Tennessee native. She graduated from the University of Tennessee native in Knoxville with a degree in theatre with an emphasis in literature and a wild passion for creating clothes and doing make-up. She’s also an avid reader and loves music and theatre. She started writing at age of eight when she had read the babysitter’s club books that were out and wanted something new to read. It has never quite left her over the years. 

These days, you can usually fine Eleni working backstage costuming in local community theatres, reading a book, walking, at a concert, drinking a craft beer with friends, knitting, embroidering, or taking a dance class.

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This tour was organised by YA Bound Blog Tours, and I just want to say a huge thank you for allowing me to read this book and post my review! I enjoyed being part of it!

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7 thoughts on “#BookReview | Home by Eleni McKnight

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I was tempted to put it down to! It was frustrating and the ending could have been better. But who knows you may love it 🙂


    1. It was difficult for me to read in some parts but I kept on going, just wanted to see what happened to the characters!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂


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