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Shelf Control #7: The Distant Hours

Hi there bookworms!

Welcome to another Shelf Control post here on my blog! This weekly feature is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies  and it gives us a chance to talk about books that we have had on our shelves for a long time that remain unread. This week’s book is…

the distant hours.jpgTitle: The Distant Hours
Author: Kate Morton
Published: 2012 by Allen & Unwin
Links: Goodreads || Book Depository || Amazon
Goodreads’ Synopsis:
Edie Burchill and her mother have never been close, but when a long-lost letter arrives one Sunday afternoon with the return address of Milderhurst Castle, Kent, printed on its envelope, Edie begins to suspect that her mother’s emotional distance masks an old secret.
Evacuated from London as a thirteen-year-old girl, Edie’s mother is chosen by the mysterious Juniper Blythe, and taken to live at Milderhurst Castle with the Blythe family: Juniper, her twin sisters and their father, Raymond, author of the 1918 children’s classic The True History of the Mud Man. In the grand and glorious Milderhurst Castle, a new world opens up for Edie’s mother. She discovers the joys of books and fantasy and writing, but also, ultimately, the dangers.
Fifty years later, as Edie chases the answers to her mother’s riddle, she, too, is drawn to Milderhurst Castle and the eccentric Sisters Blythe. Old ladies now, the three still live together, the twins nursing Juniper, whose abandonment by her fiance in 1941 plunged her into madness. Inside the decaying castle, Edie begins to unravel her mother’s past. But there are other secrets hidden in the stones of Milderhurst Castle, and Edie is about to learn more than she expected. The truth of what happened in the distant hours has been waiting a long time for someone to find it.


I can’t remember how long it has been since I got this book. It has been a while. It sounds really good, I’m not sure why I haven’t picked it up yet. I will though..eventually! Have aby of you read this one?? What did you think?? If you have taken part in Shelf Control this week feel free to leave your link, I would love to check out your posts! Until next time, happy reading! 

Kim x

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