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Shelf Control #3: Presumed Guilty

Hey hey bookworms!
Welcome to another Shelf Control post. This meme is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies and it get bloggers to look on their shelves and pick out a book that has been there for a while and is still unread.

This week’s book is Presumed Gulity by Bret Christian


This is a true crime book and I have wanted to read it for AGES! I have read another called Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn which talks about the same crime story but just focuses on a different victim.
This book is about a serial killer that was loose in Perth, WA between 1958 and 1963 whose name was Eric Edgar Cook, and a man named Darryl Beamish, who was wrongfully convicted of one of his murders. I find this topic really fascinating and I haven’t read a true crime book in a while. I want to read it because I read Broken Lives which focuses on a man named John Button, who was wrongfully convicted for another of Cook’s crimes, but has since been cleared (after spending 35 years in prison). I have met and worked with John Button and he is the most amazing person to talk to, what he has gone through is completely heartbreaking.

Goodreads’ Synopisis of Presumed Guilty:

When newspaperman Bret Christian stumbles across the heartbreaking true story of Darryl Beamish’s wrongful death sentence for the murder of Melbourne socialite Jillian Brewer, little does he know how the case will take a hold of him and not let go.
Presumed Guilty, the result of a lifetime’s passionate search for the truth, is a groundbreaking and often confronting exploration of how and why justice can go wrong.

From the Cottesloe killings to Lloyd Rayney’s sensational trial, Christian uses famous cases and never-before-published material – such as a serial killer’s riveting confession as well as the author’s own extensive interviews – to build a compelling case against juries, along the way exposing ‘copper’s instinct’ for what it really is

Goodreads’ Synopsis of Broken Lives:

The father of Eric Edgar Cooke despised his baby son from the moment he saw him. Bashings and a hate-filled childhood followed for the boy with the crooked mouth, launching a personality unique among serial killers. He stalked the city of Perth for months, shooting strangers in the dead of night and using a sickening variety of weapons to steal the lives of strangers. Unknown to the terror-stricken citizens of this trustFollow Me:ing, emerging metropolis, the young father of seven children who pulled the trigger had for years been doing other sinister night work. In a remarkable twist of fate, the killer’s life tangled with that of 19-year-old John Button, whose 17-year-old girlfriend was killed. Both men confessed to that crime. This riveting investigation into the life and untold crimes of the last man to hang in Western Australia reveals new evidence to indicate that at least one innocent man, John Button, went to jail for one of Cooke’s murders. Estelle’s efforts to clear John Buttons name, have led to the West Australian Court of Criminal Appeal re-opening the case against John Button after nearly 35 years. The new edition will include a chapter covering the case and the final decision

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That is all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 and until next time, happy reading!!

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