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First-Ever Booktube Video!

Hey there bookworms!

I have just decided (after lengthy debate with myself) to start up a booktube channel. I have been watching other people’s booktubes and I find them really enjoyable, so I thought that I would give my own a try. I would appreciate it if you would watch my video (first-ever, its therefore pretty average, sorry) and see what you think..

If you are a booktuber yourself, feel free to leave your channel name in the comments below and I will check out your channels as well!

Thanks guys,

Until next time, happy reading!

Kim x


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5 thoughts on “First-Ever Booktube Video!

  1. hi great haul and a good choice of books as well . even i am a new boooktuber and would be really happy if you give it a look 🙂


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