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Let’s Discuss: Book-Buying Limits

Hey Bookworms!! How is everyone doing today?? I am really sick 😦 and it’s not fun at all. Hope your all doing well and enjoying your weekend!

I just wanted to write this post about the recent decision that I have made to limit the amount of books that I buy each month. I already had a plan that I would only but books once a month, but was sometimes going overboard (I didn’t think so, but the fiance had different opinions!). So we devised a plan that in the once-a-month book buying I would limit myself to buying three books a month.

I think three books a month is pretty reasonable – I mean, money is a little tight so I am glad that we have limited my book-buying so that I don’t get out of control (ha ha)

Do any of you limit yourself to only buying a certain number of books every month?? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!

Well that is all for today’s post. I am off to finish reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I am 57% done and I REALLY want to know what happens with all of the characters!

Thanks for reading my thoughts, and I will catch you all in my next post – which at this stage is likely to be my Sunday Post where I talk about all that has happened in my life and on my blog over the week! Until then, happy reading!

Kim x

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