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ARC Review: The Time To Say Goodbye

ARC 3 Title: The Time to Say Goodbye

Author: Miranda Barnes

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Date Published: 26th August, 2016

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Source: Publisher through Netgalley

Format: ebook

Goodreads Rating: 3.33/5 stars

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Sometimes the best way to hold on is to let go…

Newly widowed Gwen Morgan needs a change of scene…

An invitation to stay with old school friend Kate and her partner Gerry in the quaint coastal village of Haxton in Northumberland, gives Gwen the inspiration she needs to start navigating her life without her loving and supportive husband Dan.

With its beautiful vista and friendly locals Gwen starts to feel very much at home as she makes new friends, including the young and delightful Oliver Fenwick and the down to earth early-retired widower Ken Richards.

Kate thinks Gwen’s blossoming friendship with Ken could lead to something more.

However, Gwen remains unconvinced that she and Ken are anything other than friends, although she has not ruled out finding love again one day.

But when Gwen returns home to Kent, it no longer feels like home.

Without Dan there she feels like a stranger in her own house and she starts to long for the fresh start that Dan encouraged her to make after he was gone.

With Dan’s words of encouragement echoing in her ear, Gwen returns to Haxon and starts to embrace her new life there, moving into a charming cottage and finally setting up her very own artistic business.

She is now ready for the next chapter in her life to begin, just as Dan had wanted.

But what will this it bring…? (Goodreads)

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My Review:

This book was given to me by the publisher in ebook format through Netgalley.

I read this book in one night, a matter of a couple of hours. Not necessarily because I was hooked, just because it was an easy read.

We follow Gwen Morgan who is recently widowed. She decides to get away and visit her friend Kate in Northumberland, literally in the middle of nowhere. On her journey to discover herself without her husband standing next to her, she finds that she loves the place, and she meets some wonderful people along the way.

This book had a good story and good characters. Gwen was heartbroken but determined to live her life as her late husband had wanted her to do. Kate, who is Gwen’s oldest friend, is loving and caring and does all that she can to support Gwen in rebuilding her life; Kate’s partner Gerry, is a little odd, but you can’t help but love him; Oliver, the kid who helps out around the place; and finally, Ken, who becomes a very good friend to Gwen, and although the book ends before anything happens between them, you know that that’s where the story would have ended up.

My main issue with The Time to Say Goodbye was the actual writing. I haven’t read any other books by Barnes, but her writing felt almost juvenile. The ideas and the story were really enjoyable, I just found the writing almost too easy (hence I read it all in about 2 hours).

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, however, I don’t think I will rush to pick it up a second time.

About the Author:

Miranda Barnes has lived in Northumberland nearly all her life, and most of her romantic fiction is set in the area she has come to love. Contemporary and authentic, her novels focus on the loves and lives of local people – shop assistants, craft workers, and farming and fishing folk. She is also the author of All She Ever Wanted, A New Beginning, Days Like These, A Place of Her Ownand the slightly darker (Goodreads).

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