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eARC Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

ARC 1 Title: Since You’ve Been Gone

Author: Christa Allen

Publisher: Waterfall Press

Date Published: October 11, 2016

Source: Received from Publisher on Netgalley

Format: ebook

Genre: Adult Fiction, Religion & Spirituality

Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5 stars

My Rating: 4/5 stars

One moment, Olivia Kavanaugh is preparing to walk down the aisle and embrace her own happily ever after. The next, she learns that her fiancé, Wyatt Hammond, has been in a fatal car accident. Then comes a startling discovery: Wyatt’s car wasn’t heading toward the church. He was fifty miles away…with a baby gift in the backseat.

Her faith shaken, Olivia pores over the clues left behind, desperate to know where Wyatt was going that day and why. As she begins uncovering secrets, she also navigates a tense relationship with her judgemental mother and tries to ignore the attentions of a former boyfriend who’s moved back home. But when she starts receiving letters written by Wyatt before his death, she must confront a disturbing question: Can we ever know anyone fully, even someone we love?

When an unexpected path forward—though nothing like the life she once envisioned—offers the promise of a new beginning, will she be strong enough to let go of the past and move toward it? (Goodreads)

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*I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review!

My Review:

What would you do if you lost the one person you loved most in the world? Well that is what happened to Olivia Kavanaugh, on her wedding day no less. Her soon-to-be husband, Wyatt, is late to the wedding, but she is sure he will arrive, he wasn’t going to leave her. Right? It turns out that Wyatt is involved in a car accident the morning of their wedding, but he was headed in the opposite direction to the church. To add to the mystery, he had a gift for a baby on his backseat.

Olivia becomes obsessed with finding out where he was headed and why it was so important that it had to be done on the day of their wedding. Olivia feels as though her happy-ever-after has been ripped from her, and that God is punishing her for something.

The characters in this book were well written about. I felt as though we had been friends for years. Olivia was strong and sarcastic, which sometimes got her in trouble. She went through so much and my heart just shattered for her. You spend time trying to imagine what she is feeling, and even though you read from her POV you can’t get a completely clear picture, as what she is experiencing is something that you haven’t (I hope) experienced. You feel sympathy for her, but you also feel pride as she picks herself up after all of the hurdles that are being thrown at her, an starts a new life all over again. Olivia’s best friend, Mia, is her rock through most of the story. They live miles apart but Mia is always there for her to help her through the heartbreak. She doesn’t let her “walk around her grief”, instead she helps her to deal with it head on and stop wallowing and feeling sorry for herself. The same can be said for her Grandmother, Ruthie. She is someone that Olivia could count on through the entire story and you were so thankful that she was there.

Olivia’s parents were a bit of a handful, however, her mother more than anything. Her mother was judgemental and downright mean at some points, and you just wanted to slap her. In the end you find out why she was like this, but you are still sceptical as to whether you want to like her after everything. Her father is more supportive. He is sweet, and you can tell he loves his daughter more than anything. He is the type of dad that any girl would be lucky to have.

There are other characters that I haven’t mentioned, but they all fit so well with one another and help the story to flow nicely.

This book had everything. There was love, sadness, family drama and friendship and I loved it. Thank you to Waterfall Press for allowing me to read this book before the publication date and have a chance to review it.

That is it for this review. The book is released on the 11th of October this year, and I recommend you all to get yourselves a copy! Thank you for stopping by and reading my review of Since You’ve Been Gone by Christa Allen, and until next time, happy reading!

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About the Author

crista allen A true Southern woman who knows that any cook worth her gumbo always starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day,Christa writes stories with heart, humor and hope. Her novels include: Walking on Broken Glass, Threads of Hope, The Edge of Grace, Test of Faith, All They Want for Christmas.

Christa’s essays have been published in The Ultimate Teacher, Cup of Comfort, Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lovers Soul and Chicken Soup for the Divorced Soul. Christa is the mother of five, a grandmother of three, and a recently retired teacher of high school English. She and her husband Ken live in New Orleans.





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