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Book Review: If I Stay

if i stay

 Title: If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman

Pages: 234

Publishing Information: 2009 by the Penguin Group

My Rating: four stars

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This is the first novel by Gayle Forman that I have read, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t normally read YA books these days, but this one was really well written and easy to follow along. I borrowed it from my local library the other day, it was just sitting there and I had seen it around the book community so I thought that I would give it a go..

My Review:

if i stay is a book about family, love, loss and friendship. Mia is a seventeen-year-old girl who, along with her family – mum, dad and younger brother – are involved in a bad car accident. Mia thinks that she has survived the accident easily, until she discovers that she has somehow become separate from her body and is watching the events unfold in front of her, as an outsider. She sees that her parents have both died from the impact and that her younger brother Teddy is badly injured, so is she. When the ambulance arrives she jumps in the back with her body and goes along to the hospital watching on.

Eventually she makes it into the ICU of the hospital where she sits and waits. She watches as her Grandparents and other family members are sitting in the waiting room, hoping for a miracle. She takes the reader through memories of her life, with her parents, her brother, grandparents, best friend Kim and also her boyfriend Adam. all the while, trying to decide whether she should stay in the land of the living without her family, or she should go.

I really liked this book in the sense that it gave us ‘flashbacks’ of her best memories, but they weren’t random, they tied in perfectly to the story at hand and the decision that Mia needed to make.

I was in a book slump when I began reading this one, but once I broke out, it only took me a couple of sittings to finish. I will be getting the next book in the series as soon as I can.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: If I Stay

  1. Great review! If I Stay was my first Gayle Forman book too and I really enjoyed it – I found it really, really sad, and it was one of those books that actually made me tear up. For a book that’s primarily told in flashbacks, it was also incredibly well-paced.

    It’s been a while since I’ve read it and your review made me want to pick it up again and see if it still affects me the way it did on my first read. Hope you enjoy Where She Went – I think If I Stay was better, but I liked Where She Went too. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad to see that there are people that enjoy reading my reviews 🙂
      I agree with everything you said! I really hope that I like Where She Went, will have to get hold of it as soon as I can 🙂
      thanks again for your comment


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