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It Monday! What are you Reading?? June 20

Hello beautiful bookworms!

So apparently today is Monday and therefore it is time for the Its Monday! What are you reading? weekly meme. This meme is hosted by The Book Date and it involves bloggers just talking about what they are currently reading today and what they plan on reading for the rest of the week. So here it goes..

This week I am reading:

19 mins  burial rites

Yes I am still reading Nineteen Minutes it is just super long and taking me ages to get through. I am enjoying it though. To break it up I also started Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, and although I am only 48 pages in I am enjoying could move along a little quicker though. I am finding it weird that the book goes from first person for one character and then third person for everyone else..but I will get used to it I am sure. I hope to finish this book and post my review before the end of the week *crosses fingers*

Anyway that is all from me for now, I hope you all have a wonderful week Thanks for stopping by

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