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April Instagram Book Challenge #2

Day 2 of the instagram book challenge for April is to photograph the book you are currently reading. This is my photo:


My current read is The Next Always (The Inn at Boonsboro #1) by Nora Roberts. The book is about the three Montgomery brothers who, along with their mother, are renovating the old hotel in the town. The story revolves mainly around the architect of the brothers, Beckett, and a girl who he has had feelings for since high school, Clare Brewster.

I am only 104 pages in so far, but I am in love with it. As I usually am with anything Roberts writes. She gets you in and invested in the characters and their stories from the first pages. I love that I am involved in the story at the very beginning, it does not take long to get hooked into her novels.

So far it has been all sunshine and roses for Beckett and Clare, they are just learning about feelings they have for each other –  Clare is an army widow with three young sons to care for, is slightly cautious – but I am waiting for the twist that will either bring them closer (usually how it works) or breaks them apart.

I love the stories and the characters that Roberts writes, and so far this is no exception. I cannot wait to get through it and see what happens.

Happy Reading 🙂



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